Readymade Patiala Salwar Suit

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Patiala suits are worn by women in Punjab and many other states of India and Pakistan. It consists of a dupatta and a long or short Kurti with a pleated salwar. These Patiala dresses were initially stitched for Nawabs of Patiala to represent nobility among ladies.

Traditionally, the Patiala suit was made from heavy woolen fabrics such as cotton, silk, or wool. However, this style has re-emerged in modern forms that are still quite similar to their traditional counterparts. Various fabric options like satin, Georgette, chiffon, cotton, net, and refined silk are now available in this attire.

Patiala salwar suits have been coveted in India for centuries. With this attire, you don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds and would still look elegant. Distinguished by their unique Punjabi style and beauty, they have long been worn at various wedding events.

Latest Styles of Patiala Dress

Today this outfit comes in various styles, ranging from a slightly pleated Patiala salwar to a heavily pleated one. It is further paired with kurtas or kameez in a variety of ways. Among these pairs, the heavily pleated Patiala salwar, with short, skin-tight Kurti, stood as the most basic variant of the Patiala outfit. A few of the most prominent Patiala-styled outfits for Indians and Pakistanis are listed below.

Embroidered Patiala Salwar Kameez Suits

This combo comprises a Light pleated Patiala salwar and a loose-fitted kameez or Kurti. It is prevalent among Asian girls who want to look elegant and mature at casual and semi-formal events like engagement, sangeet, haldi, ubtan, and Ruka ceremonies. It’s also worn at desi parties and other holy Indian festivals like Holi. Pairing these Patiala outfits with other accessories like necklaces or hair Juda pins gives a spectacular look to Indian women of every age.

Patiala Outfit With Long Embellished Kurtis

Traditionally Indian Patiala suits have always been worn with short-fitted Kurtis, but now long Kurtis is equally popular in desi culture. Long Kurtis with laces, beads, mirror work, etc., look more regal on Baraat and Dholki functions. These heavily embroidered kurtis come in silk, chiffon, or karandi fabric. Each of these kurtis can be paired with simple or dhoti-style Patiala pants.

Each combination mentioned above looks exceptionally well when worn with a bright-colored embellished dupatta. Ladies’ Khussa shoes and kolhapuri chappals are also profoundly paired with these Punjabi dresses, especially for desi wedding festivities.

Buy Patiala Punjabi Suits in the UK

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