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Known for its loose and comfortable fit, the kurta has become a popular choice for both, formal and casual occasions. It is usually made from lightweight cotton or silk and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. It is usually stitched without any cuff and has a band collar. The traditional style is a knee-length tunic, but modern variations can range from knee-length to ankle-length and even shorter for a more modern look. The kurta is typically paired with loose-fitting pants or shalwar and can be dressed up with a waistcoat or scarf for formal events.

This traditional Indian attire has become a popular staple in men’s fashion in India and South Asian countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. Imani Studio recognizes the preference of young men in these countries for a more fitted kurta and offers a wide range of styles and pairing options to cater to this demand. The details of our available kurta styles, designs, and pairing option are mentioned below.

Classic Men Kurta Pajamas & their Design

Asian Men’s kurta comes in different styles, ranging from classic to modern and trendy Styles. Some of these popular styles include tight-fit, standard-fit, traditional Tareezdar, kalidar, side gala, and band gala kurta. The neckline, embroidery, beadwork, tilla work, and other embellishments can also vary, making each kurta unique.

Floral prints, neck embroidery, and beadwork are gaining popularity among the younger generation. Classic plain kurtas in white and black color are preferred by older men for their comfort and simplicity. The latest trend in men’s kurta fashion is the three-piece kurta pajama dress, complete with a matching churidar and waistcoat.

As for stitching, the variety of lengths available, such as long, short, and knee-length, offer versatility in terms of styling. Top designers also combine Sindhi and Balochi karhai for these wedding kurta collections. Additionally, the option of kaj or button pati adds an extra touch of style to these designer kurtas.

Kurta With Trendy Bottom

Another major reason for the kurta’s sweeping popularity is that it can be styled in various manners. You don’t need to invest in expensive bottoms, unlike salwar kameez and other ethnic dresses. You can mix and match a single classy kurta with multiple bottoms, including denim jeans, straight-cut pants, shalwar’s white or black straight or churidar pajamas, etc. Some of these trendy combinations of kurtas are as below.

Kurta Jean

Men pair kurta with black or blue jeans for a stylish yet modest casual look. This combo is popular for less formal events such as family outings, shopping trips, university, and visiting friends.

Kurta Salwar

For a sophisticated and classic look, pairing a kurta with a plain and simple shalwar is one of the most popular trends in men’s Pakistani fashion. The kurta salwar combo has been a staple choice for many decades, especially for formal occasions such as weddings and festivals. Opting for a printed kurta with a plain black or white shalwar gives a timeless look that can be elevated with the addition of a Nehru jacket.

Kurta with Dhoti Pants

For Indian wedding celebrations, stylish and adorned kurtas are often matched with dhoti pants or dhoti salwar. Many South Indian men favor this sophisticated dressing for pre and post-wedding functions. Wearing a trendy kurta with dhoti pants is a statement of fashion for Indians living in the UK.

Kurta with Aligarh Pjs

Inspired by the Nawabi style of Lucknow, these loose-fitting Aligarh pajamas-type trousers have become a staple on fashion ramps and shows, often paired with luxurious jamawar or brocade kurtas. It is the perfect outfit for formal events and occasions.

Kurta with Fitting Trousers

For a modern twist, fitted trousers that merge Indian and Western styles are quite common nowadays. These Indo-western hybrid trousers have a snug fit and typically fall above the ankle. The best part about these trousers is that there is no need for a precise color or fit to match with the kurta. The fusion designs of classic kurta pajamas for men are popular among Bollywood and Lollywood actors and are a favorite among fashion enthusiasts, making for great photo ops.

Vast Fabrics and Colors Options for kurta

To enhance the style and liveliness of men’s fashion, designers have introduced various colors and patterns for kurta pajamas to ensure a classy look at traditional celebrations or weddings. During pre-wedding functions such as mehendi, mayon, or sangeet, a silk or jamawar kurta in hues of orange, yellow, or Kai green is commonly worn. Boys usually tend to wear Karandi, and cotton kurtas with khussa, shoes or chappals at weddings.

Imani Studio – Men Classic Boutique for Kurta Pajama

At Imani Studio, we are proud to offer a curated collection of men’s kurta pajamas, salwar kameez, and other ethnic attire sourced from the top designers in Pakistan and India. Our reputation as one of the UK’s most respected retailers of traditional clothing is built on our commitment to quality and affordability. By sourcing our products directly from the Asian designer, we are able to bring you the finest men’s kurtas made from the finest materials and crafted by skilled artisans, all at an affordable price.

Our comprehensive range of men’s kurtas and accessories includes pajama dresses, separate kurtas, and separate bottoms for men. Our collections comprise of readymade kurtas, but we can arrange specific un-stitch kurta for our customers too. And, if you’re looking for something more personalized, our free consultation service provides the opportunity to customize your chosen designs to your exact specifications. Our in-house designers and tailors are always at hand to help you create your ideal traditional outfit.

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