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For centuries, women in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal have cherished the beauty of sarees. It is a two-piece outfit, one is a saree fall, and the other is a blouse.  After its recognition in British culture through Bollywood movies and fashion shows, it has become more popular among desi women of Europe. Almost every ethnic woman buys and wears an Indian Saree in the UK. Most Indian ladies with small waists and large hips and thighs adopt this as their daily outfit.

If you’re new to sarees, choosing the right style can be overwhelming. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! Not all saree styles are created equal, and finding the perfect fit for your body type is key to feeling confident and comfortable. For example, a lehenga-style saree may not be the best choice for a plus-sized woman, while a Banarasi sari can enhance the beauty of a chubby figure. At Imani Studio, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate the various styles and designs of Indian sarees in the UK, so you can easily find your perfect fit. Our offered saree design ranges from traditional, simple designs to trendy new styles that incorporate intricate embellishments such as embroidery, handwork, stones, and mirrors. A few of such designs are discussed below.

Indian Saree Designs

Designers showcase their latest collections of traditional sarees with unique styles and prints every year. Some designs have become particularly popular, such as hand embroidery, bandhani, Madhubani print, block-printing, Kashmiri Aari work, Gota Patti, and kamdani. To help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends, below, we’ve listed some of our top-selling saree designs and styles.

Saree with Choli

A choli is a traditional blouse worn with a sari, often featuring either half or full sleeves and a fitted, backless design. This style is popular among young women for special occasions like weddings and religious celebrations such as Holi and Diwali and is particularly flattering for those with a curvaceous figure.

Saree Styled Dress

This style of wearing a sari is a fusion between the traditional sari and a dress. It involves draping the sari in a pant style. This modern take on the sari is trendy among Bollywood celebrities and fashion influencers. It’s perfect for pre-wedding functions or as an eye-catching outfit for a wedding guest.

Dhoti Style Saree

Instead of a traditional petticoat, this style uses a dhoti to drape the saree. This look is especially stunning on bridesmaids and often includes a decorated belt to secure the folds of the sari.

Saree with Jacket Style Blouse

This style of saree includes a blouse that resembles the style of a jacket, with a collar, buttons, and sometimes pockets. This style is particularly popular for wedding receptions or semi-formal dinners. Floral prints on the saree add to its charm and make it even more attractive.

Gujarati Style Sari

The Gujrati Saree, also known as the Panetar, is a traditional garment worn by Hindu and Jain brides in Gujarati weddings. This saree is typically made of fine fabric such as silk or cotton and features designs inspired by traditional Indian motifs, such as paisley, florals, and geometric shapes. The border of this saree is decorated with intricate embroideries such as Zari and bandhani motifs. For wedding festivities, this designer saree is woven with Gajji silk that adds luxurious appeal.

Maharashtrian Sarees

The Maharashtrian sarees are known for their vivid hues and elaborate border designs. This style is typical of Marathi bridal sarees and is longer than classic ones. The Nauvari saree, a nine-yard saree, is the most popular type of Maharashtrian saree. Paithani, famous for its silk material and intricate gold borders, and Koshta, made of cotton and characterized by bold colors and intricate patterns, are other popular types. In this draping style, one of the pleats is tucked behind, starting from the bottom.

Imani Studio – Online Asian Boutique for Saree

In conclusion, our collection of Indian sarees offers a wide range of options to choose from, with fine stitching and delicate designs. Our saree collection includes graceful georgette, classic chiffon, trendy net, and silk fabrics with vibrant shades and embellishments. Additionally, our embroidered net and chiffon sarees come with organza and silk blouses adorned with hand ornaments. And if you desire, we also provide customization services for our customers, including sleeve styles, blouse designs, and color contrasts. Whether you want a pre-stitched saree or a custom-made fusion saree, our designers and artisans are here to meet your needs.

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