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Sherwani is a long (below knee length), fitted, and flowing full sleeves shirt-like apparel that drapes over the body like a coat. It usually has a Mandarin-style collar with front buttons. It can be worn with or without an undershirt and is usually paired with tight pajamas. It was traditionally worn by Nobles, Sardars (rulers), and politicians in the subcontinent (India, Bangladesh & Pakistan) to showcase regalness. It later became the national dress of Pakistan. Its shorter variant is achkan, which is still a favorite among Indian & Pakistani poets.

Sherwani is mostly stitched in dupion or Jamawar fabric, making it trendy for parties and formal events where you want to reflect nobility and dignity without sacrificing your cultural heritage. Embroidered Sherwani perfectly reflects Royalty and are worn mainly by grooms and their families.

Designer Sherwani for Men

Seeing its massive demand, designers launch hundreds and thousands of new designs each year, from cheap men’s sherwanis to luxury sherwanis. Among them, We have listed the most trendy sherwani designs for men.

  • Angrakha Style Sherwani
  • Jacket Style Sherwani (ideal for wedding guests)
  • Jodhpuri Style Sherwani
  • Cross button Style Sherwani
  • Chipkan Style Sherwani

Men Sherwani Styles of 2024

Sherwani is styled according to the event. It can be a formal wedding event, a casual party, or a festival. Based on our event, we can either buy a readymade sherwani or stitch one according to our demand. Below listed are common styles of Sherwani according to events.

Embroidered Men Sherwani

Embroidered sherwani ones are the top choice for wedding events. They are embroidered with silk threads, motifs, and tilla. These sherwanis come in various fabrics, cuts, and designs and can easily be twinned with other family members.

Fancy Men Sherwani

These sherwanis are mainly bought for casual parties and are mostly stitched with jamawar fabric. They are usually short in length (above the knee) and are stitched in the fitting.

Wedding Sherwani for Groom

Sherwanis are suitable not only for grooms and their parents but also for close friends, brothers, and children. These sherwani are mostly custom-made and mostly stitched according to the wedding theme. Father-son twinning is getting trendier in Asian weddings. Although everyone would be wearing the same color and fabric sherwani, still groom still looks district as his Sherwani is usually hand beaded heavily along with zardozi work.

Trendy Sherwanis Outfits

Sherwanis can be paired with various types of bottoms and inners. The most popular choices for sherwani bottom are listed below.

Sherwani with Salwar Kameez & Kurta Pajama

Pakistani Men love to pair up their Sherwani with salwar kameez. On the other hand, young buy skinny kurta with tight pajamas. Both of These options act perfectly as inner and bottom for a sherwani.

Sherwani with Aligarh Pants

Its getting trendy at weddings to pair men’s Sherwani with plazo-like loose-bottom Aligarh pants. It looks extra ravishing and gives the groom a bold yet traditional look. Close friends and brothers of the groom also go for this pair and flaunt it at important family weddings.

Sherwani with Churidar Pajama

Churidar pajama is the most common combo of fancy men’s sherwanis across the World. Sherwanis are paired with tight pajamas that is quite narrow from the ankle.

Sherwani Accessories for Men

Besides the inner and bottom, the groom also likes to wear head and footwear. We have listed a few of them below.

Men’s Sherwani with Kula & Mala

Kula (special turban) and Mala (long beaded necklace) look stunning with the Sherwani. Both these accessories are considered mandatory for the groom to complete a traditional wedding look.

Men’s Sherwani with Chuga

Sherwani with chuga (a frock-like flared garment for men) is from Indian culture. Indian Royalty wore sherwanis with churidar and chuga for centuries, and this traditional garment is still seen on Bollywood actors and grooms.

Men’s Sherwani with khussa

Men’s formal shoes do not go well with the groom’s sherwanis. Wearing a khussa is mandatory for every sherwani lover. Many designers often offer matching kula and khussa with sherwanis.

Custom-made Sherwani Set

If you stitch sherwani on demand, then it is best to stitch the same color and fabric sherwani, turban, and shoes/khussa. These types of sherwani sets are made on order. So you have to preorder it at least 2 months ahead

Imani Studio – Pakistani Boutique for Men’s Sherwani in the UK

Imani Studio has a well-curated collection of men’s sherwanis at Imani Studio in the UK. Our sherwanis are designed by top Indian and Pakistani designers. We feature all latest and traditional styles, designs, and cuts of sherwanis in our wedding collection for men. We have them in all fabrics, including suiting fabric, silk, brocade, jamawar, etc. Whether you want a readymade sherwani or order a customized one, we are here for you.

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