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Traditional menswear of Asians showcases the region’s diverse and vibrant culture while maintaining modesty and cultural identity. In recent times, Asian men’s fashion has seen a fusion of Eastern and Western styles, creating a unique and trendy hybrid look while preserving cultural modesty and comfort with style. These designer Asian wear have gained popularity in Pakistan and among men in India and Bangladesh.

For Asians seeking such a refined modern look. Imani Studio presents a curated collection of Pakistani men’s suits, Kurta salwar, waistcoats, and Sherwanis.  Our collection also contains Indian-inspired desi clothing, including Achkan, Kurta, Nehru jackets, and other indo-western suits like price coats. We have a separate section for men’s designer dresses that includes exotic 2-piece and 3-piece men’s wear from famous men’s designers, including HSY, Burj, Amir Adnan, Bonanza, Junaid Jamshed (J.), Ideas by Gul Ahmed, Manish Arora, Deepak Perwani, Asifa and Nabeel, and many others.

Ethnic Clothes for Men

Pakistani Menswear features a plethora of colors, fine cuts, and traditional and contemporary designs. Though Pakistani men’s wear has a lot of variety, still most of them prefer their daily wear to be simple yet elegant (not too flashy, colorful, or fancy). Their main focus is on the style, designs, fabric, and fitting. Let’s have a look at a few such clothes.

Men’s Kurta Pajama

Tight-fitted kurta pajamas can be tough for an indo-western men’s dress. Originally, Kurta was part of the rich Indian culture. They can be paired with jeans, pajamas, and trousers. The kurta pajama suit became popular in Pakistan in the 1960s when political leaders such as Zulfikar Ali Bhutto started wearing it.

Today this outfit is also worn by young people trying to look fashionable but still want to retain their traditional roots. The style of wearing this outfit varies depending on where you live. Tightly fitted kurta pajamas are usually worn in Europe as they reflect indo-western culture.

Men’s Salwar Kameez dresses

The Salwar kameez is one of the most worn dressings in south Asia. It comes in a pair, a kameez which is a loose-fitted full sleeves shirt covering the front and back up to the knees, and loose width-wise long trousers called salwar.
There are several different types of salwar kameez trending: plain black and white ones with no embroidery, bright-colored ones with neck embroidery, and so on. Traditional salwar kameez features ghera dar salwar, Balochi salwar, dhoti salwar, and simple salwars with bottom embroidery and tight, loose, long, and short kameez options.

Men’s Sherwanis

Sherwani is a long coat dress mostly worn at weddings, Eid, and other holy festivals. Sherwani is generally paired with a pajama and collarless vest-type kurta underneath. Few people pair it with a loose-bottom salwar kameez as well. Sherwanis are stitched in different fabrics and colors, including Jamawar, velvet, and soft-suiting fabrics.  Besides lavish floral designer sherwani, prince coats are also quite popular among Asian grooms due to their resemblance with sherwanis.

Men’s Waistcoats

Waistcoats and Nehru jackets are another less formal but famous piece of ethnic men’s clothing among Pakistani and Indians. The waistcoat is either worn on a kameez or a kurta. Plain Black and White waistcoats are commonly worn with any colored salwar kameez as daily wear apparel, while Nehru jackets are usually worn on white kurta pajamas. Few designers add embroidery and stonework on these waistcoats to give them a royal touch. Such embroidered designer waistcoats are prepared for special occasions like Nikkah ceremonies, weddings, Eids, and birthday parties.

Imani Studios – Asian Boutique for Men

Our iconic men’s collection is stitched using the finest cotton fabric, wash, and wear, karandi, jamawar, etc. We also offer alteration and design customization for one of a kind look. Skilled Pakistani couturiers alter our pret men collection to adapt according to your needs. Our menswear collection is available for very next-day delivery in the whole UK. For the USA, Canada, and other European countries, it might take 3-4 days.

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