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The Salwar kameez is a modest dress that holds religious significance for many Asian Muslims. Its most traditional form is a thobe, whose first modified form is called Chola (mainly worn in Rajasthan). Later it got famous among Asian Muslims (especially in Pakistan and Bangladesh) as well as the Indian community as salwar kameez.

The Salwar suit is the symbol of cultured modesty among Men from Pakistan. Men’s kameez can be plain or embroidered with beautiful designs and motifs around the neck. It also has front and side pockets, allowing you to carry your keys, phone, money, etc. Men’s Salwar is ankle length bottom and can be considered loose trousers with a lot of pleats. It is usually tied at the waist with a long rope-like elastic fabric called Nara.

When it comes to dressing for various occasions, the men’s salwar kameez is a versatile option that can be worn for casual events, festive seasons, or even formal gatherings such as weddings and parties. Whether it’s summer, winter, or spring, you can enjoy its comfort as this attire is available in various fabrics, including light cotton, warm khadar, and luxurious silk. During the colder months, you can even layer a waistcoat over your two-piece salwar kameez to create a stylish three-piece salwar suit. Such diversity creates huge demand, and to fulfill this, we, Imani studio, have stocked the latest designer salwar kameez for men in our boutique. A few of such designs are discussed below

Readymade Men Salwar Kameez Designs

Ethnic men choose Salwar Kameez suits over anything else for traditional festivities such as Eid and, Holi, Diwali. Due to its huge yearly demand, many new designs pop up in the market.  A lot of these designs are focused on just kameez.

Few kameez are short, and few are long. Usually, knees are used as a reference point to measure kameez length. The bottom of the kameez is called ghaira. Usually, it is straight, but few people like to have it curved. Some evergreen fashion trends include Gol Daman (apple cut), buttoned front down, and sherwani style kameez salwar suits.  Each can have pockets, cuffs, and embroidery in various styles. Below, we have discussed these styles in detail.

Salwar Suit pocket Styles

The readymade salwar suits typically feature a single pocket on the right side of the kameez. Some designs, however, may offer additional pockets on the left or front of the kameez. The double side pockets and chest pockets design is trendy and gives a stylish look with more holding space for your wallet and phone. Those who like to custom stitch their salwar suit might like to add a zipper pocket in their salwar as a secret hiding space.

Salwar Suit Collar & Cuff Style

The collar and cuffs of a men’s salwar kameez can significantly elevate its overall look. A traditional band collar or a more modern point collar can be chosen to suit individual preferences. Some men prefer to add a touch of sophistication to their outfits by opting for a double cuff, which provides a luxurious look for wearing cufflinks.

Salwar Suits Embroidery Options

Regarding embroidery, several options are available for men’s salwar kameez. Neckline and cuffs are frequently adorned with woven (karahi) work, while handmade Champa embroidery is becoming increasingly popular in traditional salwar suits. Some designers even incorporate double or triple fabric stitches for a unique appearance.

Imani Studio – Online Boutique for Men Salwar Kameez

Imani offers a wide selection of men’s salwar kameez to suit any style and occasion. From traditional Eid outfits to designer wedding dresses, our collection has something for everyone. With a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs, you can easily find the perfect dress to fit your taste. Our website provides all the necessary information about our luxurious men’s salwar kameez, including the exact sizing, stitching, and color/texture details so you can make an informed purchase.

To make the shopping experience easier, we have also launched our handmade collection of men’s ethnic salwar kameez. These custom styles and designs can be tailored to fit your unique needs and preferences. We understand that with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right salwar kameez, but we are here to help minimize your search.

In addition to our handmade men’s collection, we offer a wide selection of ready-made men’s kurta (fitted kameez) pajamas online. Our curated collection includes a variety of the latest salwar kameez designs, including straight pants salwar, loose bottom salwar, plain white lattha salwar with fancy kameez and Kurtas, and other hybrid styles, all available at affordable prices. Browse our collection today and find the perfect men’s salwar kameez!

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