The traditional Punjabi suits are the most famous and popular choice among Desi people, especially women. The salwar suit is the heart of Punjabi clothes. In the last decade, tons of new Punjabi designer dresses with a touch of western fashion have successfully surfaced in UK and USA. 

Punjabis always stick to their heritage, no matter what kind of function or occasion it is. Asians who live outside the country for better living standards also desire to maintain their cultural identity by wearing clothes that belong to their region back home. Whether it’s a party or a wedding function, an authentic Punjabi would always wish for traditionally modest and gorgeous Punjabi dresses to celebrate the event. To make your wish come true, we provide you with the best Punjabi suits at our online store.

Punjabi Dress Designs

Punjabi dresses can be found in many designs and patterns that give the wearer an elegant look. Most readymade Punjabi dresses are printed with floral or pattern designs. Woven Punjabi dresses are primarily used for formal events like Shadi (weddings). These dresses are heavily embroidered with lace and beadwork. Additional stone, mirror, zari, and gota work embellish these dresses. Hand-made Rajasthani-style Punjabi dresses might be less popular, but ladies can consider them for their special events.

Salwar Kameez

As stated earlier, it is the heart of Punjabi dresses. Punjabi salwar is worn at the waist, and it goes all the way down to the ankles. Punjabi Kameez is a top that can either have full or half sleeves and goes all the way below the belt section. It can be either short (above the knee) or long (below the knee). It can have a large or small gala. Few Punjabi also stitch sleeveless salwar kameez suits or use net sleeves for hot seasons. Punjabi usually pair these salwar kameez with a Phulkari dupatta or chunni. These dresses are primarily stitched in cotton, chiffon, lawn, linen, and silk fabric.

These types of outfits were initially worn in Amritsar, Punjab. But now they are pretty popular in India and Pakistan. You can also find numerous colors, designs, and embroidery work on these dresses. If we say that the Punjabi salwar kameez is Asian women’s favorite casual dress, then it won’t be wrong.

Patiala salwar Suits

These suits originated in the Patiala district of Punjab and are still trendy among Desi people. The only distinction is that it has a heavy or light-petaled salwar which is paired with a normal kameez or short-length Kurti. The latest design of Patiala dresses is getting quite famous nowadays due to their casual looks and colossal comfort level. 

Kurta pajama outfits (Churidar PJs)

The pajama is a similar garment to the salwar. It can be thought of as fitted trousers. There is a lot of variation in its designs, and churidar pajamas are famous among all designs. This tight-fitted pajama has excess cloth gathered at the ankles, forming a series of rings (churi). The kurta is a long shirt that falls around the mid-thigh level. When worn together, this ensemble is called a kurta pajama suit. 

Punjabi Kurti Outfit

Short length kurta is called Kurti. It is usually worn for casual events due to its full-color printing. For example, for an evening out on the town with friends, choose a simple floral printed Jacket Kurti and pair it with a palazzo, pajama, or jeans. 

Pairing and Styling of Punjabi Suits 

Punjabi Heritage is versatile as the same outfit can be tuned up or down with its cultural accessories, depending on the occasion. For example, for a wedding,  You can add accessories like a choker necklace, Shikarpuri Nath, Chooda, and Jhumke, which automatically adds a royal touch to your dress. If you want to dress it down, add Paradna choti, small tops, bindi, and gold Kare to the same dress.

Punjabi Suits Online Shopping 

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We even have special sections for handwork and mirror-work suits in vibrant colors. This separately managed catalog is ideal if you want a unique wedding Punjabi suits, which includes pearls, beads, and delicate embroidery. These dresses can be customized according to your body type and size.

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